Schrader Funeral Home
West St. Louis County, MO

The Funeral Home Grounds.

The very first thing you'll notice about Schrader Funeral Home & Crematory in Ballwin is the stunning setting of the funeral home. Although Schrader is on a busy major highway in west St. Louis County, Missouri, the Schrader family has built the funeral home amidst peaceful green lawns and award-winning flower gardens and landscaping.  Many people recognize Schrader Funeral Home by the huge bed of impatiens in the front of the building, offering those who stop at the Holloway Road traffic signal in front of the funeral home a moment of peaceful reflection in our busy world.

Atrium Entrance and Grand Foyer.

As guests enter the main Schrader Funeral Home building from the large parking lot to the south, they pass through an atrium with a domed skylight filled with green plants and a 20-foot-diameter fountain, then into the story-and-a-half grand foyer where portraits of the Schrader family ancestors flank the real wood-burning fireplace.

The Williamsburg Room.

The Williamsburg Room features fabric and furniture design in keeping with the colonial Williamsburg tradition.  A ramped entry from the main hallway leads you along a trickling inside waterfall. The white-painted mantle above the fireplace displays a ceiling-high gilded framed antique mirror, which reflect the brass Williamsburg chandeliers and cherry furniture.  A Bose sound system with CD player and iPod connections is available for background music.

The Williamsburg room is the largest state room at Schrader, and is considered by many to be the premier visitation room in St. Louis.  It is requested by many families because of the decor and spaciousness. The Williamsburg room, along with the Chapel's west garages, was part of the building expansion in the early 1960s.

The Wedgwood Room and The Rose Room.

The Wedgwood Room and The Rose Room are two large staterooms located in the East addition of the funeral home, completed in 1973.

The Wedgwood Room has large east-facing windows which lend an air of light to the room.  Shades of wedgwood blue appear throughout the room.  The Wedgwood Room has several seating areas and plenty of open space for families to visit with friends.  A gas fireplace warms the atmosphere in the winter.  The room is equipped with a Bose sound system with iPod connections.  The Wedgwood Room was remodeled and redecorated in 2010. 

The Rose Room, just across the hall from The Wedgwood Room, has four large north-facing windows to brighten the room.  With shades of rose, elegant cherry furniture, beautiful artwork, crystal chandeliers and a fireplace, the Rose Room looks like the formal living room of a fine home.  Like the other rooms in the building, iPod connections are available for the Bose sound system.  The Rose Room was redecorated in 2009.

The Canterbury Room.

The Canterbury Room is a smaller, more intimate stateroom located just off the main corridor near the Williamsburg Room. Families expecting smaller visitations often select this room for its masculine shades of tan and brown, highlighted by a maroon and green wallpaper border and accessories.  A draped alcove is the backdrop for the casket or memorial table.  As with the other visitation rooms, a premier-quality sound system with iPod connections is available for your use.

The Schrader Chapel.

The Schrader Chapel with its soaring two-story peaked ceiling and central stained-glass window is designed to comfortably seat about 150 guests in colonial designed pews.  Windows along the north wall allow natural light into the chapel, while wall tapestries on the south wall balance the room's appearance. 

The chapel has a state-of-the-art sound system with CD and iPod connections, video recording system for webcasting, and a two manual Rodgers church organ in the balcony. 

A separate family room can seat an additional 30 guests.  The family limousines or personal cars are accessed through doors that open from the family room directly into the family garage.  The hearse, flower car and lead sedan are also accessed directly from the chapel without going outside.

Public Lounge/Coffee Room.

Schrader Funeral Home's large public lounge is designed for comfortable seating of family members and friends who want to have a snack and a soda or cup of coffee during the visitation. With tables and chairs, a soda and snack machine, free coffee service and a TV with cable, VCR and DVD players, it is well suited to its purpose. There is limited counter space for the food items that friends and relatives may bring, and we ask that families be reasonable in the amount of food they bring to the funeral home. A fireplace with gas logs warms the atmosphere in the colder months.

Schrader Funeral Homes & Crematory
14960 Manchester Road at Holloway
Ballwin, MO 63011-4623