Obituaries for Schrader Funeral Homes & Crematory are posted online for both Eureka and Ballwin locations.  By default, they are listed by date; however you can re-sort alphabetically.  You can also use the "Search Obituaries" function, below, to find a particular obituary. 

Our on-line obituaries go back to February 9, 2012, when our new website was launched.  If you are looking for an obituary before that, please contact our office.  We may be able to email you a copy of the obituary.

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(No Photo Available) Thomas Manion, Sr.   01/28/2015
(No Photo Available) Frances Gloria Evans (nee Kosulic)   01/27/2015
(No Photo Available) Jack Dooley Thompson   01/27/2015
Photo of , John Edward Graham   01/26/2015
Photo of , Kathleen Ann Shields   01/26/2015
Photo of , Robert "Fuzz" Bluedorn   01/25/2015
Photo of , Margaret Prestien (nee Staas)   01/25/2015
Photo of , Robert L. Blue   01/23/2015
Photo of , Robert Glenn "Bob" Cleveland   01/23/2015
Photo of , Rosemarie Dubbs (nee Farnen)   01/23/2015
Photo of , Sterling Raymond Glaser   01/22/2015
Photo of , Evelyn R. Nardin (nee Ray)   01/22/2015
Photo of , Alma Elizabeth Eckhoff (nee Carron)   01/22/2015
Photo of , Mary Grace Kelly (nee Weiss)   01/21/2015
Photo of , Kenny L. Leuthauser   01/21/2015
Photo of , Laura Key   01/21/2015
Photo of , James Lamb   01/21/2015
(No Photo Available) Lucille Fink   01/21/2015
Photo of , Alexander Paul Horvat, Sr.   01/20/2015
Photo of , Barb Brown   01/20/2015
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